Silver Technologies is a health and wellness company focused on bringing natural and innovative silver-based products to the human and animal world based on our proprietary Triple Defense Technology™.

For years, silver has been known to possess numerous health benefits. We aim to use silver’s known, natural, potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in various products to promote healthy, natural healing among other commercial uses.

Our Triple Defense Technology™ significantly potentiates the innate antimicrobial properties of silver to a much higher level.

In a world full of toxic chemicals and pollutants, our vision is to keep every product we create as natural as possible. We strive to produce products that utilize the healing power of Mother Nature.

We offer 100% American-made products to aid in the body’s natural healing for humans and animals.

We believe every household, with or without pets, can benefit from Silver Technologies products!

Our Triple Defense Technology™ – Better Than the Rest

Our silver products are made using cutting edge technology unlike other silver products on the market.

Using proprietary technology, we form metallic nano particles of silver which are coated with a unique multivalent silver oxide coating. This unique Ag4O4 forms a coating on top of a crystalline metallic core made of 99.99% silver. This silver coating allows our silver particles to be much more potent than other silver technology/products.

Other amazing features of our silver products include human and animal ingestion safety. All ingested silver is excreted within 24 hours while not having any negative effects on gut probiotics.