Our mission at SilverVet is to bring the amazing healing power of our trademark Triple Action Nano-Silver ™ technology to our beloved friends in the animal world.  From wound care to immune support, all animals can benefit from our range of SilverVet products.

The Silver Vet Product Line

Triple Action Nano-Silver ™

Continuous action  

Unique structure and charge allow this silver to steal thousands of electrons per particle.  This allows for a continued effect of this silver in your body or on your skin the entire time it is present!  Our silver is safe for human and animal ingestion and excreted in 24 hours.

Resonant Frequency 

Our silver particle emits a resonant frequency through water which vibrates at the same wavelength as ultraviolet light.  This frequency is between 890-910 terahertz and known to have antimicrobial effects.  This is harmless to humans and animals but increases the effectiveness of the silver tremendously.  Plus, it does not even require direct contact to work!

Electrostatic Charge

As the electrostatic charge moves around, it disrupts function.